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How Pie Boyz Started

Pie Boyz, a Social Enterprise, based in White River, South Africa was co-founded in 2021 by Terri and Jeff Mazik. Baking has always been Terri's side passion and they began to wonder if Terri could use those skills to train and equip others while providing sustainability for their their charity, Sawubona Project. The question was, where to start and with what product? That's when it hit them...what about HAND PIES - PIES WITH A PURPOSE! Terri manages the day to day of the social enterprise working with a fantastic team producing quality products and Jeff manages the operational side of Pie Boyz. Their motto, "Buy a Pie, Change a Life", is no longer just a dream, thanks to a growing community of customers.

Why Hand Pies?

It all started in 2018, in a small town in Ontario, Canada called Listowel. Jeff came home with half a dozen "fry pies" from the newly opened Impressions bakery. One bite and they were both in heaven. WOW! That was the first time Jeff or Terri had ever tasted a "fry pie" let alone heard of one. Jeff became a far too regular customer of Impressions Bakery, and got to know the owner, Graham. In 2021, Jeff reached out to Graham and asked if he would be willing to share his recipe, in order for Terri to create and introduce pies in White River. Graham didn't hesitate for a second. THANKS GRAHAM! Terri got to work and created fillings that could be locally sourced and decided to bake rather than fry. They did some testing, received good feedback and then launched in October 2021 at a local school fair. They continued to grow their market presence on weekends and now have a Bakery in town. The Bakery and the markets provide opportunity to offer employment skills training to Sawubona Project Beneficiaries. #BuyaPieChangeaLife

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