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Pie Boyz has been delighted to have garnered the attention of local media. Here's some of the coverage of our beloved and growing

Social Enterprise.

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Introducing Pie Boyz SA to the Buy Local initiative!

June 20, 2023

In 2017, Jeff and Terri Mazik, founded Sawubona Project, a Canadian charity offering Life Skills & Leadership Training to youth in the community of Msholozi. In order to ensure Programming would continue in communities in and around White River, they sought to establish a sustainable venture. Inspired by a Canadian baker, they decided to start baking hand pies. They launched Pie Boyz at Uplands Founders Weekend in October 2021.

With a successful market behind them and recognizing that sweet pies were not well-known amongst the locals, Pie Boyz embraced the idea and the rest is history. Their delicious pies have become a local favourite!

Pie Boyz is a social enterprise, which is a rarity in the local community of White River, making them even more special. They prioritize supporting local businesses by sourcing all the ingredients for their pies locally, with the exception of imported Canadian Maple Syrup.

Although Pie Boyz specializes in sweet pies, they also offer a small range of meat pies, including a South African specialty – the Bobotie pie. But that's not all! Pie Boyz has their own special Canadian Scone recipe, cinnamon buns, and they make Portuguese custard tarts, known as Pastéis de nata.

Sawubona project is actively involved in the Msholozi community near White River, which has a population of about 30,000. The project provides life skills and leadership training to the youth of Msholozi, aiming to address prevalent issues like healthy decision making and communication to HIV/AIDS, to gender based violence.

Sawubona Project offers various activities to support the local youth of Msholozi, including a weekly games day, life skills courses and providing a nutritious meal prepared by Pie Boyz. They also organize different exercises to engage the youth, like an annual walk through Msholozi to peacefully protest gender based violence.

At Pie Boyz, pies are not just a business, but a means to uplift the community. Their motto, "Buy a Pie - Change a Life", reflects their commitment to making a difference. So, by buying a pie from Pie Boyz, you are not only satisfying your taste buds but also contributing to changing lives!

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