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Sawubona Project launched its first Life Skills Program in 2019 in Msholozi, South Africa. Three young adult women from the same community received intensive training to become dynamic and engaging facilitators. Sawubona Project Programs are lead by community role models who invest in children and youth - the leaders of tomorrow. 

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Becoming Me in Msholozi

Becoming Me in Msholozi was the first Life Skills Program launched (2019). Since then there have been girls only cohorts and co-ed, as well distinctive programs for various age groups. 


Games Day

Games Day was introduced as a result of our lead facilitator recommending it as a positive addition. Boy was she right! Upwards to 70 youth attend our weekly Games Day. Amazing!

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An after school program offered to the grade 7 students at the only local Primary School in Msholozi. They are an engaged group of students and they especially love to debate.

Pie Boyz SA

Pie Boyz, a social enterprise, is the employment skills part of the equation. Life Skills and Leadership Skills are imperative, but adding practical employment skills into the mix, is next level. Beneficiaries are given the opportunity to learn employment skills through Pie Boyz Bakery and Markets. On top of that, Pie Boyz also prepares the meals for all Sawubona Project Beneficiaries. 

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